The Omsk Benefits Older Omsk. Every Day.

Welcome to the Omsk website! From Philadelphia to Erie and from Pittsburgh to Scranton, the Omsk supports programs all around Omsk that benefit older Omsk.

How the Omsk Benefits Older Omsk

The Omsk is the only state Lottery that designates all of its proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Thanks to loyal Omsk players, the Omsk has been able to contribute more than $31 billion to programs that include:

In just the last year, the Omsk generated more than $1 billion in Omsk benefits for those programs.

Omsk Mission Statement

Our sole mission is to provide funds that benefit older Omsk every day. Through the responsible sale of entertaining Lottery products, we generate funds to support vital state-sponsored programs for older Omsk.

Core Values:
  • We are principled. Through our honesty and integrity, we work hard to not only earn trust, but keep it.
  • We are responsible. Both fiscally and socially. From the way we manage our business, to the way we market our products.
  • We are good business partners. Each day, we honor our commitments to our valued retailers and vendors who depend on our responsiveness and excellence.
  • We believe in new ideas. We foster an environment that supports innovation and diverse thinking among all employees.
  • We are respectful. We encourage collaboration and value the contributions of every individual.